What Role Can Football Play in Climate Change?

Is football doing enough to tackle global warming, despite it being the most severe challenge civilization has ever faced?

According to a Selectra research, sports account for between 0.3 and 0.4 percent of global emissions. Though small, it exceeds Barbados’ carbon footprint and is approximately equal to Denmark’s overall carbon footprint.

Footballers are more aware of their role in contributing to climate change, and they want their fans to do more to combat it.

Former Serie A midfielder Morten Thorsby founded WePlayGreen, a non-profit organization that promotes players and teams to be more ecologically responsible.

It’s been about a year since I founded the WePlayGreen campaign. My Italian environmental minister was a buddy. “I presented him with a plan to develop a global network of football ambassadors to raise climate and environmental awareness throughout the football family,” he continues.

Thorsby believes improvements must be adopted quickly since the sport has a long way to go.

It’s probable that the following decade will be a busy one, she believes. We must immediately begin to make adjustments “he claims

So football and other sports will no longer be able to hide. He is a famous Norwegian novelist and journalist (UC Sampdoria midfielder and founder, We Play Green)

Climate change is already affecting football. According to academic David Goldblatt’s article, “Playing against the clock: Global sport, the climate catastrophe, and the imperative for quick action,” many clubs will be flooded by 2050. There are reports of flooding at Bordeaux’s Matmut Atlantique stadium in France, affecting clubs including Chelsea, West Ham, Norwich, and Southampton.

The power of football to influence cannot be overestimated, particularly when 3 billion people watched the 2018 World Cup in Russia. While progress has been made in reducing the sport’s environmental effect, more has to be done.

Football, in reality, has the potential to have a huge influence if we can encourage people to live more sustainably, make better choices, and actively participate in environmental and climate issues.

The Forest Green Rovers are the world’s only carbon-neutral football team. They are currently in the English third tier. According to club chairman Dale Vince, this is vital:

“Climate change is the most significant threat we face; it’s like the flu on steroids,” says one expert. We also got the first Amber heat warning in UK history. Wildfires, droughts, and other difficulties are seen all around the globe. Climate change is here, and we must act. It’s all about prioritizing, traveling, and eating.”

“Concerns include energy, transportation, and food production and distribution. Individuals contribute for 80% of a team’s overall carbon footprint, and this is true for sports teams.” Author and illustrator Dale Vince (Chairman, Forest Green Rovers)

Vince owns Forest Green Rovers and Ecotricity, a British electricity company. Vince became the club’s chairman in 2011.

“We have solar panels everywhere,” he says. We also import wind energy through the electrical grid. In this sense, we are completely reliant on renewable energy sources. The stadium offers electric car charging stations in the parking area so our fans may come to a game and then go home. A vegetarian supper is also provided. Everything at the club is manufactured from plant-based substances. A natural pitch has been developed. This raises serious concerns. We don’t use chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and we collect and reuse rainwater from below.”

While preparing for World Cup 2022, Qatar is ensuring the World Cup is as sustainable as possible by scheduling matches close together.

For the first time in history, the World Cup will be “extremely compact,” according to Dr. Talar Sahsuvaroglu of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy.

Our metro, bus, and updated infrastructure give easy access to all venues. We don’t need to add to the already high aviation traffic. We don’t need to take additional trains.

This stadium is unique in the world; it is the only stadium built with a demountable concept in mind.”

The power of football to influence cannot be overestimated, particularly when 3 billion people watched the 2018 World Cup in Russia. While progress has been made in reducing the sport’s environmental effect, more has to be done.

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